Friday, 12 April 2013

Zombie: Hen Party

Hen Party is the UK term for a Batchelorette Party. 

It's your last night of freedom before you get married and you have arranged a big night out with all your friends and family. You now need to think of a theme for the night, something a bit different and original.

Nurse, Maid or any other type of sexy outfits will attract hoardes of men like zombies clambering to take pictures on their smart phone and chat you up L plate or no L plate. If you are wanting to avoid this attention then why not have a Zombie Hen.

The beauty of a Zombie hen party is that getting ready is part of the fun. Drinks and dressing up is a great way to have a laugh. Applying make up, accessories and blood spatter to your outfit to get the real zombie effect. There is a way to achieve the look on any budget:

Cheap and Chearful

Dress up in your own clothes and simply buy some face paint or special effect make up. Apply some red blood spatter to your outfit and your good to go. Quick cheap but effective.

 Mid Range fun

You can buy some clever masks or simply some make up and accessorise it with some tools of the trade like a brain or off cut limb. The contact lenses are what makes this outfit really jump out.

All out Zombie 

Masks, outfits and latex scars this is not for the faint hearted. The full on zombie look is well worth the effort but ensure you have a qualified make up artist who can help you get the look just right.

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