Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Practice for the Zombie Apocalypse

Last week we gave you the details of where you can role play the Zombie apocalypse, this will have no doubt awakened your inner zombie preparedness geek and you want more to keep you in tip top shape for the undoubtedly inevitable zombie apocalypse?

Well we have now found a company that will provide you with a variety of targets to practice your head shots of just to decorate your garden with. Recent media coverage was outraged as they began to stock ex-girlfriend zombie targets complete with ripped top and bra showing which bleed when shot.

Whilst we don't advocate the use of guns for the zombie apocalypse due to their loud nature and constant need of ammo we do like to show you some of the awesome products that are out there.

We do have issue however with this particular ex girlfriend model, clearly aimed at rednecks with its rather dated hairstyle, then we realised you can apply any wig you like so that made us feel much better.

You may also want to check this video out showcasing their exploding bullets. I would imagine should you be stupid enough to use these you would be overcome with walkers within minutes but you know each to their own.

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