Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Zombie Event - With Guns

We recently told you about the zombie survival event that was like a big game of tig. Well how would you fancy the zombie apocalypse with a gun? Here's your chance to get involved and find out what you would be like should the inevitable apocalypse happened and you were able to source a gun.

Zed Events provides you with a great scenario involving some great locations including a mall and a big abandoned hospital. These locations give you the immersive feel of a zombie apocalypse and will put your skills of survival to the test. Going in a group is advisable and ensure you have a certain level of fitness as you will need to run.

When the zombie apocalypse does arise it is useful to have practiced your skills in a non threatening environment, acting mostly on impulse it is especially important to ensure you have the basic survival skills neccessary to ensure you don't choke when the stakes are high. Zombies will most likely occur when you are busy doing something else so ensure you and your party know the drill. Of course being in a fun situation is a great way to prepare without the worry of having your brains eaten.

If you don't want to go to a external zombie event, why not host your own zombie party and assign everyone different roles. Get everyone to dress up in their outfits and practice your scenarios in a local wood or parkland. Or simply dress up for the fun of it, because a party is never a party without fancy dress!

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