Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Changing your Look....its all in the eyes

Someone once said the eyes are the gateway to the soul and like any other gateway if you change the shape, colour or pattern it can appear completely foreign.

A new trend has begun with changing of the eyes to different colours and shapes.

The changing colour of eyes has become popular amongst alternative groups unhappy with their original colour, many people don't have particularly bright colouring and thus want to have the UV effect created by these stylish contact lenses.

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One of the biggest trends is the Lizard style eyes which create the appearance of Lizard eyes and can alter a persons entire image with only the application of contact lenses.

Altering this small part of your body (temporarily) can really create a different perception to the people around you. These have been used for years in the movie industry but not commercially available due to the cost.

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A new design to come out is what is called the Android look which completely covers the pupil and gives the impression of an android like computer eye.

This design is the most complex to achieve to ensure the wearer is able to see comfortably and function whilst wearing them. But i'm sure as you can see the effect is brilliant. Coupled with a stiff walk and monotone voice you could convince anyone of your cyborg status

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The final contact lense we have to demonstrate is the pentagram effect. This is a classic symbol of the occultist in Western Culture and a great way to demonstrate a darker side to your personality. Set against the black background the symbol really stands out in bright red.

This really changes the shape of the eye with the sharp lines creating a mesmerizing effect to those around the wearer.

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dealing with the Devil

Yesterday I met a strange character. It was in the bathroom of a rather run down rock club just off Portland street in Manchester. I was a few drinks to the good and he had noticed I was singing away a track I had been listening too earlier that night. I'm not sure whether it was the happy vibe of the place or the copiuos amounts of lager i had consumed but we got into a great debate around music. I was articulating the point that the problem with life is the pursuit of money and how being a full time musician would be a great change in life balance. His smile was permenant and he created an air of hope and joy as I spoke making me want to divulge more and more of my hidden desire to completely change my life. The conversation laster around 45 minutes by which time my friends had all made their rather sheepish moves on variously attractive and some not so attractive females. I left to go back to my hotel and closed the door on what was a pleasant but unproductive night, dropping my change and reciepts from the bar on the side. Once undressed I lay on the bed slight shimmer of sweat from the club still sticking to me as I began to fall asleep.

This morning I awoke to a rather large black suitcase which wasn't mine next to me. I thought at first perhaps I had stumbled into the wrong room and someone the receptionist had programmed the key card to the same as another room, the only thing that convinced me this wasnt the case was the jacket on the back of the chair which was definetly mind and not something I had been wearing so must have been there prior to my drunken night out. I looked at my phone and there was 4,800 twitter and facebook notifications and 14 missed calls. I was concerned given that i only have 98 friends how the hell could I have gotten this much attention, had there been a news article about me, perhaps my lottery ticket had won and my identity released but surely not prior to letting me know?

As i went through the tweets it was a lot of random people saying how amazingly cool I was and wish I would retweet them and some mentions of a band called cash and eddy. I wasn't sure what to do so I logged onto my ipad and begin a search for Cash and Eddy. This brought up a host of links to music which was amazing, like a cross between Stone Roses and Flo Rida it touched various genres and was the best i had heard since, well ever. I was beginning to get concerned I was being watched like some bizarre MTV prank show but surely they wouldnt have gone to that much effort. Next stop my RBS bank app which showed my account balance with 8 more zeros after the initial 4 numbers than I had ever had in my account. Ok now I was panicking, dialing my friends numbers one after the other they all asked who I was and had no recollection of me but seemed very excited that I was calling them and curious as to how I had their number. My wife wasn't answering so I called her at work and she again had no knowledge of who I was

"but Sara where is our baby Kevin?" 
"Who is Kevin?"

my heart sank as she hung up on me with the threat of the police if i didnt stop making these outlandish claims. Now i'm thinking this is a dream surely my whole life has changed where do I go what do I do. The door went and I answered to a rather fat balding man with a nice suit on.

"Hey superstar why didnt you answer my calls?"
"Who the fuck are you? Why the fuck do all my friends think im some superstar they have never met? and what the fuck have you done with my kid?"
"Nice one mate, you been snorting a bit too much last night? remember we are on radio 1 in two hours so you best get up and hope you have done a track for the live lounge?"

I turned away and went to the bathroom, sweating i started to run the tap and noticed the stamp on the back of my hand from the club last night. Ok so I definetly remember the club but since that i just came back and went to sleep so how has this happened. Having washed I returned to the room and on the bed was an outfit I wouldnt even consider wearing if you paid me and three other strangers all rushing around and saying sit here we need to sort your hair and make up. I went along with it and they all left. Glancing in the mirror I looked like a fucking tool with skinny jeans and a loose top my short hair spiked with make up that made me look like an extra from jersey shore. The fat bloke ushered me down the stairs and through the kitchen into the sunlight and then hurredly into the back of a BMW with blacked out windows. On arrival at the studio I started to really begin to get annoyed and my brain felt like it might explode. I bolted out the car and ran down the street but crowds began to stare at me and approach me some screaming my name others simply tugging at their pockets for their camera phone. I couldn't get away and under a mass of people i passed out.

I woke up tied to a bed. My wrists hurt and there was a string of light coming in from a tiny window high up the wall. The fat bloke was there and began to speak

"OK so we think someone gave you some drugs last night and you have amnesia. the restraints are for your safety as you wouldn't settle down and kept shouting out Kevin every two seconds. I'm trying to get the best doctors here and then we can get to the bottom of this, just hold in there mate"

I was going to reply but i didnt a single tear trickled down my face and i turned to rub it into the overly soft pillow my head was resting on. A doctor arrived and entered the room with a notepad and a recording device. We went over all the events of my life I could remember in detail which to me was a full history of everything from fingering Bridget Bell in first year to having a chat with a weirdo in the toilets last night. That is when it dawned on me, I had left my drink on the side when i went to the cubicle and he was there when I came out. He must have drugged me.

CCTV images showed the man leaving the club and entering a taxi. I got a phone call at my apartment (well what they told me was my apartment) to give me the address. Its amazing what giving a private investigator £5k will do in 4 hours. The guys name was Mr D Incarnet. I went to the address and knocked the door which swung open. I entered and walked to the lounge at the bottom of the hallway which i could see a faint blue light eminating from. On the chair was the man from last night:

He explained to me that I had offered him my talent for a simple normal life with good friends and a loving wife and child. He had taken away all my skills and left me with the imprint of this life but nothing more as the deal was only for my life so far. I could not breathe, all my memories were false, i have no life this is me. The door slammed shut and I fell, for hours I fell until finally i landed on a rock hard table. The rest of eternity this would be my home, caring for people that don't know I exist.

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Zombies are real

So the idea of zombies are pretty basic. Someone dies and then there body comes back to life and has a Hunger to eat brains. Ok so why is this such a popular movie genre?

Well if you think about death as most of us have done then you will be familiar with the concept of loss and how desperate people can be to have that one final conversation or to be with their loved ones again. This concept has then had a lot of mainstream success with TV shows like 'Dead like me' and 'Pushing Daisies' exploring the concept of life after death. But in the real world people have been playing around with this idea aswell and unfortunately in most cases it isn't all fun and laughter. If you look into voodoo magic and even to conventional medicine which seeks to prolong life after death can in fact leave the recipient a shell of their former self. It stands to reason then that zombies may become very real one day and if you read http://www.zombieworldnews.com then you can keep up to date with all the events surrounding this topic, from the florida motorway face muncher to the washington patient who took a bite of an ambulance worker.

So we understand the concept is possible and in many ways this makes it much more terrifying, in the same way Freddy Krueger is terrifying in that we cannot do anything to defend ourselves short of stockpiling guns and ammo in our loft or only sleeping whilst being watched. This makes the zombie a great scare. I personally enjoy the slow group zombies that get you by sheer volume rather than the later 28 days zombie that can run really fast and in fact present a much greater challenge. Partly because I would like to find me a nice shopping centre and live my days out wearing new clothes and sitting on the roof doing some sport shooting.

So for the ultimate in scary costumes you have an option of really scary zombie with lots of gore or as pictured below the unfortunate golfer zombie who has just discovered he is in fact undead and has this strange urge to eat some brains.

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Origins of fear

 Ever wondered why clowns became scary? It was bothering me recently having heard the news that they may be remaking the film IT a classic scare movie from my childhood. One of the things that always struck me about clowns is that they always look out of place, so if you stick one in the background with a menacing look and perhaps a knife in his hand it's sure to terrify.

So i did a bit of searching and found out that in the 70's there was a guy called John Wayne Gracy who was a childs entertainer. Of course he was american and a psycho and he killed and abused at least 33 children. Living on top of 26 of his hidden bodies this guy was a real sicko. His character was called "Pogo the clown" and he had been a child entertainer after such career highlights as democrat politician, mortuary assistant where he slept in a cot next to dead bodies and manager of 3 KFC outlets. This guy was a real sicko and his first victim, whose surname was Voorhees also renowned in the Horror world, managed to get him sent to Jail. He had a long record before becoming a clown and its crazy nowadays to think this guy was let anywhere near children. He is a prime candidate for the introduction of those websites with the big red dot above known offenders houses were invented.

The Book IT was written by Stephen King in the late 80's a good period of time since Pogo the clown. It has been suggested in a lot of surveys that more children find clowns scary than actually find them entertaining. Just look at your local McDonalds when was the last time you saw Ronald greeting the kids?

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