Monday, 22 April 2013

Top 4 Hottest Horror Cosplay

Cosplay is on the increase in US and UK with more people enjoying dressing up as their favourite TV and Movie characters. There is a huge growth in support groups helping you source and even design your own props and clothing for the perfect look. Anime dominates the cosplay world with the popularity in China and Japan meaning some great outfits are being mass produced at low prices.

Great ways to enjoy Cosplay outside of Halloween is to host your own themed party, enjoy a theme night out or perhaps attend a festival for your favourite niche. Horror cosplay can be great fun and provoke a great reaction from participants and those who may come across your costumed group. Everybody loves scary movies and so many characters are household names.

Here are the 4 of the Hottest Horror genre Cosplay outfit ideas:

1.Alice - Resident Evil
The Resident Evil franchise is huge, Alice has it all, she is hot, sexy, incredible with a gun or knife and has some cool costumes:

2. Carrie - Carrie
With the remake due to make big waves again this classic Cosplay will be popular this year. Easy to acheive with some red paint and an old prom dress.

3.Ash - Evil Dead
Why stick to gender stereotypes cosplay can be done well cross gender. Ash and his boom-stick will always be a head turner in any Horror setting.

4. Zombie - Any zombie film/TV show
Zombies are here to stay, so get your zombie costume ready. Officially the biggest boom in any Horror niche since the rise of popularit in vampires the zombie is no longer the stupid shuffling creature, reserved for B movies and silly TV show cartoons. Zombies are credible, they are bad ass and they are everywhere!

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