Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Camp Crystal Lake

Friday the 13th caught the imagination of many Americans due to its setting, summer camps and kids camps are hugely popular in the States providing much needed time away from the Parents during the summer holidays. Jason Voorhees had attended Camp Crystal Lake but drowned as he swam unsupervised as the young camp staff members fondled each other in the shed. This struck a chord with many people in America, both from the point of view of the camp goer to the frightened parent. 

In the original Friday the 13th the murderer is an angry mother who slaughters the camp staff, but from that point on we discovered Jason did not in fact drown but has become a tortured soul of pure evil. Heavily influenced by the success of Halloween this franchise has brought not only a new location for horror stories in the camps across America but also given us a new date in the fright calendar with many people celebrating each Friday the 13th with a night of horror movies and fancy dress parties.

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So remember if your venturing to camp this summer, be sure to stay vigilante, you never know what evil lurks behind each tree!

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