Friday, 1 March 2013

4 Great ideas for couples Cosplay

Cosplay popularity is growing in the UK with attendance at comic conventions on the increase. Further spawned by the internet and the success of comic con in the US which sold out 2013 tickets within 90 minutes of going on sale. Once you have the part organised or the tickets booked for comic con your attention the turns to the outfit your going to wear. Your first port of call may be your favourite hero but then going as a mismatched Marvel and DC couple would look weird so why not try and get something coordinated. Here are some ideas:

1. Michael Myers and Victim

As horror costumes go Michael Myers still sends a shiver down most peoples spine with his trademark white mask showing no signs of emotion. Along with the mask any type of boiler suit would be suitable and then just a large knife as your weapon. The great thing about this idea is that the victim can wear their own clothes.

The victim will usually be sexily dressed with scared look. Not too much effort required to find an outfit for this!

2. Evil Dead

Probably one that you won't see often but will make you stand out. The evil dead trilogy is a cult classic and always features highly in any fans top list of films. From the third film Army of Darkness this cosplay is elaborate and difficult to pull off but so worth it. Firstly there is the chainsaw hand which you can pick up from American fancy dress shops. The lady should wear a medieval style dress to fit in with the characters which can be as elaborate or tame as required by your wallet.

3. Batman and Catwoman

The classic comic book favourite is Batman with some great cheap offers out there  on costumes, your next decision is whether to go retro or modern. The retro look is great for fun, but for serious cosplayers the new look batman is a must. The dark night has brought this franchise back to life and is seen as the coolest of the comic book to film crossovers. The catwoman outfit is a simply black catsuit with eye mask and some little ears.

4. John Crichton and Aeryn Sun

For fans of sci-fi they will know this is the greatest love story in TV sci-fi since Buffy and Angel. This is simple as all you need is some black basic t shirts and vest tops. Then its all about the jacket. And of course the holster for your pistol. The look is easily identifiable because of the red detailing on the jacket which could be done with pieces of material on a normal leather vest.
 For Aeryn a long black leather jacket is perfect and something that can be found with a quick internet search.

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