Monday, 15 April 2013

New Zombie TV Show - In the Flesh

The synopsis of this show is post zombie apocalypse set from the recovering zombie perspective. Interested good. Using the Romero style slow zombies this is a cross between 28 days later and True Blood. In the same way True Blood gave us an imagined world of vampires integrated into our society (until they got bored and invented fairies, changlings and other mythical creatures). My one bugbear is that zombies are undead, therefore should have no human emotions, memories or motor skills. I hope this series does indeed address these questions and I can expect that this is step 1 of the mainstream takeover of zombie culture.

The zombie franchise continues to go from strength to strength and we can be sure that zombies are going to continue to be the biggest horror genre taking the mantle from vampires now that awful twilight saga is over with. Can we expect a zombie love story, yes you can the make up is mild and the main effect is contact lenses, this would be to ensure any love story was perhaps more believable.

Mild make up for the show because this may not be as attractive!

Before you watch you may want to know that it is a BBC3 show, so not the BBC1 type show like Dr Who or Rome which were both epically put together for huge audiences globally and thus had a higher level of production value. BBC3 is the home to such reality delights as Sun, Sea, Sex and Suspicious Parents (parent follow their kids on their first holiday alone and spy on the binge drinking and casual sex before confronting them). BBC3 does occasionally have a decent show but expect low budgets, unknown teenage actors and lots of cheesy bits. If the actors prove to be good then the show has a chance.

Verdict after episode 1 is that the premise of the show is good, the zombie activity happen in first sequence with some brain munching and the actors aren't awful.

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