Saturday, 30 March 2013

Slasher Experience

A lot of people sit comfortable in their chairs watching slasher films screaming at the TV, from the "Why you going up the stairs run out the front door!" to the "Don't split up your idiots!" we all are the giver of advice safe in the knowledge that you aren't in their shoes. But what if you were? How would you really cope? I'm sure that most people would actually simply sit in a ball crying waiting the inevitable but why not try it out?

After recent success of Zombie experience adventures and Sci Fi immersive interactive tours there is now an offering for slasher fanatics. A place where you can pit your wits against a slasher. The popularity of immersive adventures is seen as the next step up from Gaming. Movies provide entertainment, games test your skills but real life adventures give you the heart pounding terror that you really want.

The Great Horror Campout promises to be an excellent event, but have you ever wondered who sets it all up? I mean if you were a slasher surely the best way to get your victims all in one place is to have a bunch of people playing along thinking your just some fun game master. So if you are brave enough to go can you really be sure you will survive?

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