Saturday, 23 March 2013

Zombies Here to Stay

Zombies are likely to again rule over the fancy dress circuit, comic cons and Halloween costumes across the world. The increasing popularity of Zombies has been laid at the door of TV shows like The Walking Dead and this years big Brad Pitt Blockbuster World War Z.

Getting the costume that not only looks great but also feels good to wear for a whole night is the key. The beauty of the zombie is that the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse is that it will be swift. Infecting people across all walks of life meaning that zombies will come in all forms, from uniforms to bed wear, from sports kits to fetish wear this opens up many different opportunities for you to get your costume just right.

The mask should be the only cost of this outfit perhaps with some make up and fake blood for your clothing. 

A half face mask is comfortable, easy to remove and leaves your hair in tact. It can also be blended well to give a good look with the seem covered by your hair.

A full mask gives a front and back view of your costume, ensuring those behind you don't mistake your zombie outfit.

So once you have the mask and the make up simply find an old uniform, outift that you don't mind cutting up and staining and then you can go to town with getting the overall effect.


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