Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Are Kids Scary?

Children are delightfully funny and enjoyable to have, they can provide you with joy like no other. But it seems that they are now a valid form of horror. With the success of Child's Play in the late 80's and the Exorcist in the 70's you could be forgiven for thinking that using kids and kids toys as horror topics is old hat. But this latest batch of Horror films seek to tap into your most deep fears. Not only that your child may turn out to be pure evil but also that you can't just run away like the traditional slasher movie. Your internal instincts are to protect and love your children, but when they terrorise you then the last resort is to survive at the expense of your lovable little rogue.

Mama promises to be a scare fest that will be slick and well directed. The subject is two young girls found abandoned in the forest. Their Uncle and Aunt are left with the daunting task of providing them with a home, quickly realising that all is not well with these young ladies.

So next time halloween rolls around instead of getting your children to dress up as cartoon characters or fairies why not get them a scary mask and see the reaction of your neighbours.

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