Friday, 15 February 2013

Zombie disguise

So the apocalypse is getting closer by the day and the number of people wanting to prepare grows. The key to preparation is to ensure you have a great plan as seen here Zombie Guide and the right equipment. Now due to the low brain functionality of Zombies it would be worth getting a disguise. The reason a disguise is good is that in crowded situations when you go out for supplies you will need to walk past them undetected, any melee would be a bad idea and draw yet more in your direction. Zombies disguises are easy all you need is a mask:

Friendly zombie

Evil zombie

The internal struggle for supremacy
Once you have the mask ensure the rest of your body is covered, this will help with any potential bites but also it will disguise your non rotten flesh. If you have natural bright eyes you may wish to go for some contacts to make the dead or infected look perfect:
Dead look contacts £20

Infected look contacts £20
The final element and most important to your disguise is the stench. You need to ensure you cover yourself with rotten flesh peices and blood from a previously killed zombie. This will make it less easy for the zombie to smell your natural odour and attack.

Once the costume is complete it will mean you can venture out into the world on reconosance missions and find all the items you need to ride out the apocalypse safe in your bunker.


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