Friday, 24 May 2013

5 Terrifying Childrens Toys

With the release of the latest chucky movie this year, kids and their toys will be back in the glare of Horror, scaring the masses. Chucky the doll was a character of fun, slasher with a sense of humour, after all he was a childs toy. So let's have a look at some other kids toys that could easily become the next Chucky.

Chuck Mask £19.99
1 - Furbies - These creepy little things remind me of Gremlins, don't feed them after midnight or they will multiply and take over the town. I don't know which is more frightening, the toy itself or that fact these are the fastest selling toy in UK history.

2 - Pregnant Doll - We all want our kids to grow up educated and learn about a myriad of different things, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't include having a pregnant doll, complete with unborn fetus. Perhaps the pro life campaign can use these dolls as teaching aids, complete with a dustbin for all the unwanted babies. Or perhaps you could get an alien toy and then recreate a scene from the film alien with it bursting from the stomach.

3 - Shave Doll - This is just tooo wrong, its made in China, unsurpisingly I can't see a mass market for this hairy little creature.

4 - Face Bank - A face like something out of DR Who guarding your piggy bank, erm no thanks. Perhaps they are cool, but they also might end up speaking to your child in the night, making him steal from your wallet.

5 - Baby Jake - A rival for Chucky this doll is seriously creepy, the concept of the show being a baby that goes on wild adventures, but the doll is about as realistic as a stick man. This doll just needs a meat clever and you have a horror movie franchise right there!

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