Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Changing your Look....its all in the eyes

Someone once said the eyes are the gateway to the soul and like any other gateway if you change the shape, colour or pattern it can appear completely foreign.

A new trend has begun with changing of the eyes to different colours and shapes.

The changing colour of eyes has become popular amongst alternative groups unhappy with their original colour, many people don't have particularly bright colouring and thus want to have the UV effect created by these stylish contact lenses.

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One of the biggest trends is the Lizard style eyes which create the appearance of Lizard eyes and can alter a persons entire image with only the application of contact lenses.

Altering this small part of your body (temporarily) can really create a different perception to the people around you. These have been used for years in the movie industry but not commercially available due to the cost.

Cost £19.99 - Available from Horror Emporium

A new design to come out is what is called the Android look which completely covers the pupil and gives the impression of an android like computer eye.

This design is the most complex to achieve to ensure the wearer is able to see comfortably and function whilst wearing them. But i'm sure as you can see the effect is brilliant. Coupled with a stiff walk and monotone voice you could convince anyone of your cyborg status

Cost £19.99 - Available from Horror Emporium

The final contact lense we have to demonstrate is the pentagram effect. This is a classic symbol of the occultist in Western Culture and a great way to demonstrate a darker side to your personality. Set against the black background the symbol really stands out in bright red.

This really changes the shape of the eye with the sharp lines creating a mesmerizing effect to those around the wearer.

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