Thursday, 28 June 2012

Zombies are real

So the idea of zombies are pretty basic. Someone dies and then there body comes back to life and has a Hunger to eat brains. Ok so why is this such a popular movie genre?

Well if you think about death as most of us have done then you will be familiar with the concept of loss and how desperate people can be to have that one final conversation or to be with their loved ones again. This concept has then had a lot of mainstream success with TV shows like 'Dead like me' and 'Pushing Daisies' exploring the concept of life after death. But in the real world people have been playing around with this idea aswell and unfortunately in most cases it isn't all fun and laughter. If you look into voodoo magic and even to conventional medicine which seeks to prolong life after death can in fact leave the recipient a shell of their former self. It stands to reason then that zombies may become very real one day and if you read then you can keep up to date with all the events surrounding this topic, from the florida motorway face muncher to the washington patient who took a bite of an ambulance worker.

So we understand the concept is possible and in many ways this makes it much more terrifying, in the same way Freddy Krueger is terrifying in that we cannot do anything to defend ourselves short of stockpiling guns and ammo in our loft or only sleeping whilst being watched. This makes the zombie a great scare. I personally enjoy the slow group zombies that get you by sheer volume rather than the later 28 days zombie that can run really fast and in fact present a much greater challenge. Partly because I would like to find me a nice shopping centre and live my days out wearing new clothes and sitting on the roof doing some sport shooting.

So for the ultimate in scary costumes you have an option of really scary zombie with lots of gore or as pictured below the unfortunate golfer zombie who has just discovered he is in fact undead and has this strange urge to eat some brains.

 Both masks can be found at the store for great low price.

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